Work has begun on our new Head Office and workshop facility in earnest.  Demolition of the existing workshop buildings and office wings has taken place to make way for the new buildings.

With our main contractor, GF Tomlinsons Ltd appointed, we are sure that we are going to have a completed project by Summer 2014.

Currently, we have completed a diversion of a major culvert which dissected our site.  This work had to be completed before work could commence on the office building so as to avoid building over the top of this large sewer.

Foundations and ground excavations are completed on the workshop and foundation/piling works have commenced on the office building.

After Christmas, the buildings should taken on a more physical stance when the steel framework is put into place and external walls commence.

It is challenging working in such close proximity to the building site, especially when works such as piling is ongoing, but the staff are looking forward to being in their new home.