Lighting Solutions

Technology in lighting is changing the way that lighting systems are installed both new and retrofit , the opportunity to reduce the amount of power used through inefficient lighting systems has never been greater with the development of T5 and LED add to this  occupancy sensors and daylight saving which ensures the lighting ramps up and down as required saving up to 70% of energy usage.


Offices with windows along the sides can reduce their energy in line with the amount of daylight from outside, additional occupancy sensors in rooms which have less occupancy , ie Board rooms, training rooms etc.


Warehouse lighting both low and high bay , back of store areas , benefit from LED and T5 lighting , where there are skylights and low occupancy , the quality of LED Highbays deliver almost 60% savings initially without any further control.

Diverse areas such as driving ranges and  external bollard lighting all benefit from latest Led technology, Car parks are ideal for LED with a quality of light that will enable CCTV to work to is maximum capability.


Multi-storey car park lighting where both CCTV and security are of high importance benefit from both LED and T5 lighting with occupancy and daylight sensors. Many car parks have their lights on full, all day, burning energy , the payback on many car parks using T5 technology with sensors have paybacks of less than 3 years including labour.

The design can be provided using two way communication from the luminaires for control uses, where the lighting levels / control can be changed with the use of a pc using wireless technology, this is a major issue in the refitting of car parks where running control wires through existing galvanised conduit is not an option.


WT Parker can offer finance for replacement lighting solutions through a third party using a Lease or Lease purchase arrangement, Lighting also qualifies for ECA allowances with its high energy saving.

The ECA ( Enhanced capital allowance) scheme can bring significant financial savings , in the short and long term, the ECA provides 100% Tax relief on any investment in energy-saving equipment ,in the same tax year as the purchase is made. If the equipment isn’t on the Energy Technology Product List (ETPL) or doesn’t meet the relevant criteria then the most they can claim is 20% tax relief ,so it is always worth checking.

LED Life – Facts & Myths

Life on LEDs varies enormously depending on quality of the chips used , quality of control gear and thermal management.

50,000 Hours normally relates to the life of the LED but doesn’t specify if light is still being produced at this time, the quality of light and colour deteriorate over time. The question is by how much.

35,000 hours@ L70 – is the recognised time at which light output decreases to 70% of its original colour and colour rendering.