The benefits of solar electricity

Make money producing electricity: Under the Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme, the energy suppliers are obliged to make regular payments to anyone who generates their own solar electricity.

Sell your electricity: Export to the Grid any surplus electricity you produce and don’t use and get money from your electricity supplier.

Cut your bills: You can produce around 40% of the electricity your home uses annually.

Cut your emissions: Solar electricity releases no harmful CO2 or other pollutants; you could typically save around 1tonne of CO2 every year.

Is your property suitable?

There are a few things for you to consider:

  • Your roof ideally needs to be facing within 90 degrees of south. It should also be clear of trees or the shadow of higher buildings because any obstruction of light will mean you generate less energy.
  • Whilst most roofs are suitable, the roof construction and material will need to be considered.
  • Although most properties won’t need planning permission for the installation of solar panels, it’s best to check. There are restrictions on homes that are listed, or in a conservation area or World Heritage Site.

Parker Energy will be happy to help you decide if your property is suitable for solar panels.

Is the system easy to maintain?

The basic answer is yes; you just ‘fit and forget’.

PV systems have no moving parts and, apart from a quick inspection every now and again to ensure there’s no significant build-up of dirt, very little maintenance will be required – the odd rain shower will provide the clean they need.

The location of your property will typically dictate how dirty the PV panels get, although dust accumulation and selfcleaning usually reaches a steady state after a few weeks.

With a modicum of care, you can expect an expertly installed system from Parker Energy to last 25 years.