Do I need planning permission?
As of the 6th April 2008 all solar installations are considered permitted developments, i.e. they should not require planning permission providing they meet the following criteria:-

  • The solar panel should not protrude more than 200mm above the roof line of the property.
  • The building is not listed or situated within a conservation area.
How much will it cost?
Installation prices start from around £4,000 including VAT per KW peak power, please contact our dedicated installation team who will be happy to call and discuss any questions you may have about PV Systems and will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation for a system on your property.
Will solar panels work in the UK and during the winter?
Yes. Solar panels are powered by light so even on a cloudy day they will still generate electricity. So this means at the height of the British summer you could be producing free electricity for up to 17 hours per day.
Is my roof suitable?
You’ll need a roof that faces within 90 degrees of south and isn’t over-shadowed by trees or buildings.
How will I get paid?
You will receive your payment from your chosen energy supplier, on receipt of generation and export meter readings every quarter.
Can I export any of the electricity I generate?
Yes, all un-used electricity will automatically be exported. Your electricity supplier can fit an export meter or they can pay you based on estimated export rates (usually 50%). The electricity supplier may choose to authorise us to fit this meter.

Please do not confuse the export meter with the gross generation meter which we fit as standard on all our installations.

What maintenance and cleaning do the systems need?
Solar Photovoltaic systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance. Most of the time the rain will keep the modules clean. However, a build-up of dirt can affect the performance. The degree of soiling will depend on the location but usually dust accumulation and self cleaning reach a steady state after a few weeks.
How long will my PV system last?
A well designed, installed and maintained PV system will operate for at least 25 years.
What savings can I achieve?
The average household with a 2.5KWp of solar PV panels installed would pay the homeowner approximately £856 tax free per year.

Electricity costs would also be reduced saving a further £130 per year.

What type of panels do you use?
We only install the highest quality PV modules.
Trina, Q-Cell, Seraphim, Winaico, Hanwha & Solar World.